Vaginal Health! What we ALL should be talking about!

So there’s no way to beat around this bush so I figured why not start out with a bang? Many of you know me, but for those that don’t, my name is Anne-Marie Gitchel. I’m a Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) and have been in medicine for over 20 years with more than ten of them being a NP. As a provider, mother and friend of other women with children, I have dealt with a subject that for some reason, NO ONE wants to address. My question is WHY? As we age, our bodies change. Every single part of our body. 

Today’s topic? Vaginal health and wellness. There are many reasons that these changes occur: childbirth (thank you, kids), pre-and post-menopause, and even those who have had significant weight loss. As these changes occur, many of us have suffered in silence though this is COMMON. We suffer from stress urinary incontinence, no longer being able to jump on a trampoline with our children without the fear of having a urinary “accident”, or even this occurring when we laugh or SNEEZE! Some struggle with painful intercourse, which not only affects her, but can also affect her significant other and also importantly, their relationship. Dryness is also a very common concern that for some reason is just looked at as this is normal and ok. How about aesthetic concerns? Stretched or loose tissue? Many feel very self conscious about this and struggle in silence, thinking it may affect the way that their partners feel about them.  

As a mom and as a Practitioner, I am here to broach the topic of WHY is this ok? Why can’t we address it and institute measures that can FIX these issues? There are a plethora of reasons behind why these changes occur. It is important for us as females to regularly follow up with our OBGYNs and discuss these concerns with them. Many will recommend procedures as significant as surgery which causes significant down time with unfortunately a high degree of failure. 

I’m ecstatic to announce that there IS a treatment option with the newest technology through radio frequency called Vaginal Rejuvenation, that literally takes 3 sessions (one per month) and you are in and out in 30 minutes with ZERO downtime. Most of our clients have even reported immediate results. We have clients who are now heading into their third month and are loving their results. They are reporting their spouses are also ecstatic. Some of the results noted are significant improvement in stress urinary incontinence, improved moisture and even improvement in having to get up overnight to urinate. Some also noted to have improvement with tightening even after the first treatment session. 

So my hope is that you are sitting there on Sunday morning  drinking your coffee and reading this article while nodding your head up and down and realizing this is a topic that needs to be discussed and addressed. MANY of us struggle with it. It’s time YOU change that. It’s time YOU take some time and love yourself enough to do something for yourself. As mothers and wives, we always put everyone else in front of us. It’s ok for YOU to give yourself some love and care. YOU deserve this!

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