Refined Features

PNW Rejuvenation providers can use injectables to help you refine your facial features without undergoing plastic surgery. The treatments can lift your face, add volume to sunken areas, soften wrinkles, and more.

Improved Confidence

After treatments, many clients report feeling ready to navigate the world with a face that makes them more confident with themselves. With smooth skin and enhanced facial features, you will feel more confident in social situations, when posing in pictures with friends, and when giving presentations at work.

Quick Treatment Times

Administering injectables is quick and can often be performed during a lunch break. Dermal fillers can take about 30 minutes, depending on how extensive the treatments options are.

No Recovery Period

Though plastic surgery can give you dramatic results, it often requires a lengthy recovery period, during which you have to limit your physical activity and take a break from work. There is no recovery period for injectable treatments, and clients can continue with their schedules as normal.

No Scarring

Unlike plastic surgery, which can result in some scarring, injectables do not. Though you may experience side effects like redness, irritation, and mild bruising at the injection site, you won’t have to worry about caring for incisions after your treatment.

Different Types

PNW Rejuvenation is currently offering Juvaderm Ultra Plus at this time. This will be expanding in the next couple of months.

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