Vitamin Injections

Vitamin B-12

For an extra dose of energy, add a B-12 injection to any of your treatments. This water-soluble vitamin plays a vital role in brain function and metabolism, and may boost your energy levels and mood.

Skinny B-12

For help reaching your weight loss goals, add a skinny b-12 injection to your treatments. This mixture of compounds helps to reduce excess fat in certain areas of the body, as well as increase metabolic activity and energy.

Vitamin D

Receiving vitamin D3 shots can treat and prevent the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, including fatigue and bone pain. Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment in the elderly, severe childhood asthma and cancer.


Tri-Immune Boost is a triple-defense immunity formula that consists of potent antioxidants and an essential mineral that assists in supporting the body’s immune response.

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